Zeven Development

There Is Always A Simpler Way!

Welcome to Zeven Development where we specialize in thinking a simpler way.  Tired of slow software?  Paying too much for hardware?  Then it's time for a simplier algorithm!  As a demonstration of our mathematical and software ability we have taken on the challenge of The Fractal Algorithm.  Now you can watch your favorite fractal zoom at full screen, 30fps in real time without any specialized hardware except your CPU.  No more downloading of large video files and hours of rendering.  Don't believe it, then try it for yourself and you decide.  Let us work on a simplier algorithm for you!



Why fractal development?

Fractals offers us a mathematical technique for developing Quantum Resistant Cryptography, because they are infinitely complex. How can you claim this?  Well imagine a snow flake, it's a fractal, that you can zoom in on it infinitely, and if you hide a message into this snow flake, it would be incredibly difficult to find even on this single snow flake.  But we are not done yet, you first have to find this one snow flake from every other snow flake that has ever fallen since the beginning of time, and no two snow flakes are alike.  It's truely infinite!  Fractals have taken hours to generate before, but not anymore with The Fractal Algorithm.

Huygen Lines is a fractal used in The Fractal Algorithm that can also be applied to adaptive image compressing resulting in higher compression rates, and ultra fast face recognition.  Contact us if you are interested.

Why Zeven Development?

Zeven is the Dutch word for seven, and I have a Dutch heritage.  There are also seven in our family, and seven is God's perfect number.