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Split the IO Expander Ports and Configure the Data Lines.


Feature List

  • Standard Splitter.
  • 1-Wire® Drop Splitter.
  • 1-Wire® Bus Splitter.
  • DHT22 Port.
  • Custom inline, pull-up, and pull-down or filter on D1 or D2.
  • 37.2mm x 3.5mm

The Splitter allows you to add 0603 size components to custom configure the D1 or D2 lines. You can add inline, pull-up, and pull-down or filter on D1 or D2. On the underside of the Splitter D1 components are on the left and D2 on the right.

  • R1 and R2 are inline resistors for D1 and D2 on the bottom of the T or CT2.
  • R3 and R4 and pull-ups on D1 and D2.
  • C1 and C2 are pull-downs or filters on D1 and D2.
RJ11 Ports
Pin Function
1 NC
2 5V
3 D1
4 Gnd
5 D2
6 NC

Splitter Wire

Splitter PCB

Standard Splitter with R1 and R2 as 0Ω

Splitter Standard Wire

Two 1-Wire® Drop Splitter with R1 and R2 as 100Ω

Splitter 1-Wire Drop

Two 1-Wire® Bus with Drop Splitter with R1 and R2 as 100Ω, and R3 and R4 as 2.2kΩ pull-ups. Overdrive speed requires 2.2kΩ pull-ups, but standard speed 4.7kΩ can be used instead.

Splitter 1-Wire Bus

DHT22 on D1 (Uses D2 for CLK),  R3 as 5.1kΩ pull-up, and 1000pF filter on C1. CT2 is not used.

Splitter DHT22

The Splitter can be configured many different ways to allow you to control your data lines to meet your cable length and sensor requirements.

1-Wire is a registered trademark of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.