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Hydroponics Deep Water Culture Bucket System (Using New IO Adder!)

Build a Deep Water Culture Hydroponics Bucket System

Build a Deep Water Culture Hydroponics Bucket System that monitors water temperatures and is self watering.

Just watch your plant grow!


Drill a 9/16" hole 4 3/8" from the top for the Optical Infrared Water Level Sensor. You want the bottom of the 6" net cup to be just touching the water level. Open up the growbed module, disconnect the sensor from the optical connector and feed it through from the inside of the bucket with the silicon washer being on the inside of the bucket. On the outside feed the wire through the plastic nut and secure the sensor. Then connect the sensor back to the optical connector.

Drill a 1/4" hole at the top of the bucket for the air hose. Pass the air hose through the 1/4" hole and connect it to the 4" air stone and secure it to the center bottom of the bucket using the suction cups.

Drill a 3/8" hole at the top of the bucket for the temperature, and peristaltic pump hose. Pass the themperature sensor and the peristaltic pump hose throug the 3/8" hole half way down the bucket.


Parts Needed

Qty Part Description Cost
1 5-Gal. Black Bucket (Pack of 3). $14.97
1 6" Black Pot Bucket Lid Insert (6-Pack). $25.97
2 0.170" ID x 1/4" OD 20ft Clear Vinyl Tubing. $3.92
1 VIVOSUN 4" Air Stone with Shell and Sucker. $10.99
2 12V 3*5 Peristaltic Aquarium Chemical ABS Dosing Pump. $9.41
1 Food Grade 3x5mm Silicone Tube Black 10m. $9.20
2 Optical Infrared Liquid Water Level Control Switch. $7.04
2 1M Waterproof DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor. $1.99

Setup Diagram

Connect all you air and water/nutrient hoses, and the Growbed Sensor/Display Module. In this setup we are using a diluted 3:1 part nutrient solution, since the bucket will have more water evaporation/transpiration than nutrient use.


Note: Make sure the air pump is higher than the buckets so that if you loose power the water will not flow back into the pump damaging it.

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