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Hydroponics Water/Nutrient Control

Build a control system that will automatically manage your water and nutrient levels

This water/nutrient control systems with the Growbed Sensors/Display Module will make intelligent decisions and automate the watering and nutrient control of your hydroponics system. You will never again have to worry about refilling the reservoir due to water use and evaporation.

  • Add water if low.
  • Add nutrient if low.

Wiring Diagram


Hydroponics Water/Nutrient Control Parts

Qty Part Description Cost
4 12V 3*5 Peristaltic Aquarium Chemical ABS Dosing Pump. $9.41
2 Food Grade 3x5mm Silicone Tube Black 10m. $9.20
2 5-Gallon Black Bucket. $4.23
2 5-Gallon Bucket Lid. $2.28
1 Sterilite 4 gal. Tote Black 18" x 12-1/2" x 7" h. $8.99
1 VIVOSUN 4" Air Stone with Shell and Sucker. $10.99

Drill holes in the 4 gallon tote and mount the peristaltic pumps. Let the peristaltic tubes hang freely down. On the side carefully cut a slot using an exacto knife to connect the 12V relay lines.


Drill 11/64" holes in the 5 gallon bucket lid and feed the outtake tubes and air hose through the holes. Make sure that when you close the lids the tubes lay slightly on the bottom.  The 4" air stone is to help keep the nutrient solution mixed.


Water/Nutrient Code

The water/nutrient is refilled using the dosing pumps when the water level drops. Nutrient solution is only pumped alternating minutes allowing for the newly added nutrient to mix before pumping more.

          // Check dosing pumps.  Allow for a one minute mixing cycle between nutrient pumps.
          if (!grow_bed->active || grow_bed->water_level || grow_bed->nutrient_pump) {
            grow_bed->water_pump = false;
            grow_bed->nutrient_pump = false;
          else {
            bool nutrient_pump = (grow_bed->water_tds < grow_bed->nutrient_level) ? true : false;
            grow_bed->water_pump = !nutrient_pump;
            grow_bed->nutrient_pump = nutrient_pump;
          sprintf(cmd, "e%d%c;e%d%c", grow_bed->water_relay, (grow_bed->water_pump) ? 'o' : 'f', grow_bed->nutrient_relay, (grow_bed->nutrient_pump) ? 'o' : 'f');
          if (grow_bed->water_pump) AddPower(DOSING_PUMP_POWER);
          if (grow_bed->nutrient_pump) AddPower(DOSING_PUMP_POWER);

With this easy to use water/nutrient control, sit back and watch your plants grow!

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